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Remote Solar Management System

RMS Software Platform

The software platform utilized by the I-RMS family of products allows the client to customize and control every aspect of the system and access it’s many features.

The RMS Software package connects to a cloud Database Service for real time charger control and telemetry at any moment.

The RMS Software package consists of 4 GUI interface views:

The MX Tech Mobile charging station is a very real requirement for many sectors of the economy. The device can be tailored in many differentform factors to include tavern requirements, wall mounted charging stations; up-market restaurant lounge desks, and Mall kiosks.

The station is more than meets the eye, and acts as a wifi hotspot – ideal platform for advertising and promotions and through integrated wallet and loyalty functionality, an ideal platform for 1:1 Marketing, and Big Data insights. The charging station can also double up as a pole and dome platform and be fitted with camera technology.

The Charger View

This interface shows a detailed overview of all charge parameters. Recorded data is used to predict system failures before they happen and ensure that the system is working at optimal efficiency.

The Global Viewer

This view allows quick color coded overview of all registered RMS devices. Clicking on an ID will expose brief interactive overview and record of latest events and alarms.

The Network Viewer

This is a tool to view and track network availability to the RMS device

The Output Control Viewer

Used to control the RMS devices Solid State Switches. This allows for remote activation or rebooting of devices powered by RMS

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