Bespoke Engineered Infrastructure Solutions

MXTech has re-invented the context of edge communications enablement…

partnering with key electronic manufacturers and infrastructure technology providers, to build holistic, real- world solutions. This includes power management – key for successful rural or electricity challenged environments. The users of this technology are telecommunication companies who are struggling with battery sub-systems in low or no electricity environments as well as those experiencing theft of their mast and tower infrastructures.

At a more grassroots level, MX Tech is engineering new ways of implementing CCTV subsystems, physical infrastructure, leading to last-mile communications delivery, and ubiquitous Wi-Fi access to rural areas and township economies. The camera sub-systems utilise artificial intelligence built into the camera middleware which can be programmed for numerous requirements from applicability in queue management to averting serious threat situations.

The portfolio includes a slew of redesigned infrastructure options, starting with engineered ground anchor foundation systems allowing for faster way-leaf consumption, and easier and more cost-effective mast implementations.

The multi- service domes themselves are customisable based on a wide selection of componentry that offers everything from solar-powered options, to routing and switching sub-systems that set the stage for 5G edge or Wi-Fi-6 implementations, white space technology and other forms of communication masts that suit a variety of conditions.

Additional functionality is derived from real world requirements such as solar charging stations that in turn lead to a diverse range of business models including advertising opportunities and 1:1 Marketing engagements.

Examples of how we enable our users to monetise our product set include the access to: wifi infrastructure in various forms whether urban, rural, or in the township economies.

The MX Tech quest is to continue to work with key telecom companies to propagate disruptive solutions for the various economies across South Africa and Africa.


Bespoke Engineered Infrastructure Solutions

Foundation System

Ground anchor foundation system: allows for simple wayleave- and ease of pole implementation for faster more cost effective telecommunications and CCTV deployment.

Can be adapted for any installation such as:

• Advertising boards
• Masts
• Self-raising masts

Able to cater for different loads and founding conditions and designed to applicable Design Codes and Client Specific Specifications.

To this end, we seek to enhance our own delivery of technologies such as wifi enabled charging stations, public health and safety environments and other technologies which allow MX Tech to position our microservice platform into key wealth creation opportunities for all of the MX Tech users across the continent.

The unique value we bring to the telecom solutions we are currently ideating and/or building, is our experience in Enterprise solutions delivery across a multiple-continents and how to align these into use cases that enrich the lives of all of our stakeholders.

Poles and Structures

The Standard MX Tech Pole range varies from 4m to 8,2m above ground equipment mounting height which all are available with base plates for planted, concrete encased, concrete surface mounted or our unique Ground Anchor Foundation System.

We also offer a wide range of lattice and mono-pole structures, all designed to the relevant design codes and client specifications.

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