Power Tower Inverters

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3kVA/5kVA Power Towers

The RMS delivers consistent 12-volt power management across all the devices, enhancing sub-system life cycles.

The system can also cater for 5v and 48v sub-systems if required. The platform is an ideal solution for communications propagation and sets the stage for 5G and/or Wi-Fi-6 and a myriad of IoT devices – use case dependant.

Tough, reliable and affordable the Insele Solar inverters are ideal for battery backup and off-grid solar, home and office solutions.

Built into a convenient all-on-one unit, the 3KVA/ 5KVA Power Towers offers easy, plug and play installation. The Inverter itself is prewired inside the cabinet with the necessary breakers and battery connections.

AC in and AC out are located on the side of the unit in a normal UPS configuration. Solar panels can also be connected
through a gland in the top of the unit.

Power Cube Inverters

1kVA/3kVA Power Cubes

The Power Cube is a self-contained inverter and battery system designed for home use. Keep your home office running during in load shedding. The system contains 2x 100Ah GEL Batteries and 220V inverter that will keep running during power outages


The Power Cube comes in either a 1KVA 800W or 3KVA 2400W version depending on you power needs. The cabinet can hold up to 2x 100Ah batteries, both Gel Acids or Lithium batteries are supported.
All the necessary safety breakers and fuses are built into the unit. Simple plug the unit into a normal 220V outlet to charge the batteries and use the built in
3-pin electrical socket to power your devices.

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