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MX Tech provides access to a diverse range of hardware solutions, software specifically tailored for granular power management and disruptive technologies, from infrastructure development and manufacture to power management solutions and bespoke solar projects.

We are a technology development company, MX Tech has re-invented communications masts and edge infrastructure, starting with engineered anchor systems and culminating with a highly sought-after power management architectures, allowing for the use of grid-based electrical current or solar-powered services. The infrastructure components allow for the implementation of urban as well as rural, AI-driven, CCTV subsystems for public health and safety, and will lead to 5G edge enablement or the opportunity for ubiquitous access to wifi- services.

We provide our clients a variety of services – Electronic design and engineering.
Infrastructure development, design and manufacture – from engineered rapid deploy foundation systems to telecommunications masts and poles, camera platforms or bespoke solutions – MX tech’s in-house team ensure fast turn around and best in class products.

Installation and maintenance of infrastructure and electronic equipment by our professional civil, technical and maintenance teams give our clients peace of mind on any sized project.

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